Ace the LSAT Logic Games is a great prep book for advanced students. The book focuses on unbalanced games —a common weakness in for advanced students. The games are crazy, stupid hard. And that’s just fine.

At the end of this book are 14 unofficial logic game sections (for a total of 56 games). These are some of the most difficult logic game sections I have ever encountered, and they are difficult in all the right ways. The grouping games are frequently unbalanced; the linear games require inference after inference. These games will stretch your abilities; they will expose weaknesses that you don’t know you have. If that sounds terrible to you, then you need to reconsider your approach to LSAT preparation. You need to find your weaknesses and confront them now; otherwise you risk discovering them on test day. If you master the games in this book, you will have no problem dealing the games on the LSAT.

The Ace logic games made me a better test-taker. My biggest regret in my personal prep is that I didn’t start working with this book earlier. These games pushed me harder than anything else in my prep. And the skills I developed directly applied to my LSAT performance goals. I was the kind of student that got perfect scores on my timed logic games sections—most of the time. But that wasn’t good enough for me, and I needed games that were consistently difficult enough to expose my flaws. Ace was that book for me; it showed me where to focus my efforts.

The games in this book cover multiple different game types: ordering games (also known as “sequencing games” or “linear games”), grouping games, hybrid games, matrix games (also known as “pattern games”), circle games, mapping games, divisible line games (a kind of pattern game), and multiple rounds games (another kind of pattern game). The emphasis is placed on ordering games, grouping games, and hybrid games; most of the book is devoted to drilling those three game types.

Unlike most prep books, Ace devotes a large portion of the book to unbalanced grouping games. I think this is the book’s primary strength; I have never seen more unbalanced games in a prep book. You might think that this focus would become repetitive, but Ace presents these games in ingeniously unique ways. You will occasionally run into a logic game in the book that pushes you in a way that the LSAT PrepTests never have. This is valuable. LSAC has been toying with new twists on logic games in the last few years. You need to be prepared for the possibility that your LSAT will feature a game that is just different enough from previous tests to make you panic. And in my opinion, Ace The LSAT Logic Games is the perfect book to prepare you for that possibility.

All that being said, I cannot recommend that beginner students use the entire book. The opening of the book presents a method of approaching logic games that I don’t think is worth using. Some students may find it worth working through, but I think most would benefit more from using the Logic Games Bible instead to learn a basic approach to the games. There are also some typos in the book, which can be frustrating.

However, I still highly recommend Ace The LSAT Logic Games for intermediate and advanced students. The 14 sections at the end of the book make it a necessity for LSAT students looking for a top score. There are also numerous games scattered throughout the book that you can work on (making a total of 71 unique games in the book, not counting official LSAC materials). I recommend that you work through a couple games every day. After you finish the 14 sections at the back of the book, start over and work through these sections again. The games are hard enough to warrant multiple run-throughs. Make a habit of working through these logic games. The daily challenge will improve your analytical reasoning abilities

To be clear, Ace the LSAT Logic Games will only help you with logic games. No reading comprehension or logical reasoning advice will be found in this book. But if you are an advanced LSAT student who needs logic game help, make the investment.

Ace the LSAT Logic Games can be found here.

A Review of Ace The LSAT Logic Games

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