LSAT students are flooded with prep book options. But the books on this page are the best by far. In addition to a good study guide or two, you’ll also need some PrepTests to practice with.

The Official LSAT SuperPrep

You cannot do better than The SuperPrep. This book is an official LSAC publication, which makes it a necessary buy. The book contains three PrepTests and official explanations for each question in those tests. Take the PrepTests and review your answers by comparing your reasoning to LSAC’s. I can tell you from experience that this process is invaluable. The book also contains a fantastic introduction to each section of the test.

If you are taking the LSAT, you need this book.

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LSAT Trainer

The LSAT Trainer is my favorite book for LSAT beginners. The introduction it provides for the reading comprehension and logical reasoning sections of the test are fantastic. The only slight weakness in the book is the logic games section, which could be more thorough. But overall this book is wonderful, and I highly recommend it.

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Logic Games Bible

The PowerScore Logic Games Bible is probably the best logic games introduction I’ve found in book form. The book covers every single game type, useful logical notation, how to appropriately set-up a logic game diagram, and common inferences. If your goal is a perfect logic games section, buy this book and work through it more than once.

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Gainesville LSAT Logic Game Drills

I’m partial to this book since I wrote it, but I truly believe that Gainesville LSAT Logic Game Drills is a great book for anyone seeking perfection on the logic games section. I originally wrote these logic games because the published LSAT PrepTests do not provide enough practice on the rare game types. Pattern games and circle games are appearing more frequently on the new tests, but the published tests contain so few of each type. This book solves that problem. I also included a number sequencing, grouping, and hybrid games that drill common inferences. All together, this book contains 115 logic games for you to practice with.

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Best LSAT Study Guides

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