A “Complete the Argument” question is one that requires you to finish an argument provided to you by the test. The question stem for a complete the argument question might read:

  • Which of the following most logically completes the argument?
  • Which of the following would best finish the argument?
  • The ____’s argument would be best concluded by which of the following?

These questions are very straightforward. We solve them by following three steps:

  1.  Analyze the argument.
  2.  Determine what the argument is missing
  3. Choose the answer that best provides the argument with what is missing.

Let’s take a look at each step.

Analyze the Argument

The goal in this step is determine what is happening in the argument. The author is building to some sort of conclusion; your job is to identify how the author builds to that conclusion. The author might use examples, factual premises, or any other kind of evidence. Often in these questions analogies will be used.

Determine What the Argument is Missing

Most of the time, the conclusion will be missing. But you need to get more specific than that. What is the evidence building up to? If there’s an analogy, how would it best be finished? You don’t need to guess exact wording here, but you do need to have a clear idea of what the reasoning lacks.

Choose the Answer That Best Provides the Argument With What is Missing

Choose the answer that is best supported by the argument. You get to assume that the author is writing a good argument. Thus, you get to assume that the author would end her argument with a well-supported statement. So you want your answer to be easily inferable from the evidence.

Complete the Argument Questions

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