How you prepare for the LSAT matters. A lot.

Not sure why you’re making LSAT mistakes? I can help.

This is not a big test prep company; it’s a personal endeavor. I tutor people because I think the LSAT is interesting and because I like helping my students succeed.

I do not offer a “one size fits all” cookie-cutter course. Your tutoring session will be catered to your individual needs. No two students receive the same training because no two students are exactly alike. Every hour of tutoring a student receives is uniquely crafted for that student.

When I was first starting to prepare for the LSAT, I certainly was not scoring a 175; it took months of hard work and dedication to get that score. I understand the challenges my students are facing, and I know how to help them achieve their goals.

Take a look at the testimonials below:

Blake is an excellent tutor. He provides great resources and guidance. Most importantly, he provides the proper encouragement and emphasizes how much hard work means in your LSAT endeavors, all of which have greatly helped!

In a few days when I take the LSAT, I’ll be going in confidently knowing I’m prepared for whatever is on that test. I would recommend Blake to anyone dedicated to the LSAT and wanting to improve their scores!

Blake is a fantastic LSAT tutor.

We’ll use video chat via Skype or Google Hangouts. For logic games, I draw on an tablet, and it displays instantly on your computer.

I never take on more than a few students at any given time, and I only tutor on Saturdays. Availability is limited. Please only contact me if you’re self-motivated serious about improving your score. I charge $400 per 90 minute lesson.

BLAKELY IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE FOR TUTORING. Please check back after the November LSAT if you wish for Blakely to tutor you.