Gainesville LSAT Logic Game Drills

In Gainesville LSAT Logic Game Drills, you will find 115 logic games to practice with, including rare game types. Included in this book are grouping games, sequencing games, hybrid games, circle games, mapping games, pattern games, and more.

The games range from easy to extremely difficult; if you can handle the hardest games in this book, then you should have no difficulty mastering the logic games on test day.

These logic games were once reserved only for Blakely’s tutoring students; he wrote the games to give his students an edge over the other test takers. And it worked. Blakely’s students walked into test day prepared.

Those same logic games are now available to the public in Gainesville LSAT Logic Game Drills. Use the games to perfect your approach to the section and master the LSAT logic games.

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Sudoku Puzzle Book: Easy to Hard

This book contains Sudoku puzzles for beginners and advanced puzzle lovers. This book contains 100 puzzles categorized in five difficulty levels: Very Easy, Easy, Medium, Hard, and Very Hard. The puzzles will challenge your mind in of all the right ways.

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Hardboiled Holiday

Blakely’s short story “Hardboiled Holiday” won First Place in The Florida Times Union 2014 Holiday Short Story Contest. It was published in the The Florida Times Union on December 18, 2014. You can read the story for free via the link below.

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